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    Two Administrators - LDMS 2016.3


      Hi Everyone,


      Utilizing LANDesk in MSP setup, and would like to separate client devices and our Internal devices.

      Due to audit and compliance reasons we have to separate client and our internal devices in LANDesk in such a way that whoever is managing internal devices through LANDesk should not access client devices.

      and likewise whoever is managing client devices should not access our internal devices. So idea is to have two authorities one can fully control client environment and other can fully control internal environment without interfering with each other.

      is it possible to achieve / is there any workaround? Can tenant Management help in described scenario? (I looked into Tenant Management and I don't think it can help with described situation)


      Thank you,


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          MotazAlqaissi ITSMMVPGroup

          I had a similar case once and I remember that we configured two servers for this purpose. One for Internal use and the other for the clients.

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            MotazAlqaissi ITSMMVPGroup



            You can actually use Scopes which is built based on a query and then you can assign these scopes to specific users to see. So in your case, build two scopes, each one will be based on the OS for example and then assign each scope to the required admin.

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              cottroad Apprentice

              My understanding is that Tenant Management was created for exactly this kind of scenario . It is kind of like "Scoping++" (a bit like how Notepad++ is way more functional than Notepad). I agree that scoping with queries will do the job, but identifying the right attribute to scope 100% accurately could be difficult. Tenanting requires you to identify the tenant on the Agent Configuration itself, so the chosen Tenant name will appear in Inventory. Creating the scope will be 100% accurate using this so long as you push the right Tenant setting to the right machines.


              The help file suggests it's a bolt-on that is available for purchase separately, but I am also told that it's actually free. However, I'd advise you to talk to your account manager about that part.