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    Custom Query/Report about lastnights patch successes?


      I would like some help creating a query & report that details our patch history per machine and per patch within a 24 or 48 hour period.

      I have some experience creating queries, then simply calling them into reports and scheduling the reports, however.  I have two output requests...

      1) PDF emailed to a select group.... I can handle that.

      2) HTML posted on a specific webshare so another 3rd party executive dashboard can access it.


      Maybe someone has done similar things and wouldn't mind sharing...

      Maybe someone can point me in the right dirrection of advanced query and report desin in LANDesk...

      Maybe some of you can do this kind of thing on the fly... I wish I could.


      Any way, any help would be appreciated.



      Either in this same report or another report, I would like to know how to detail which critical patches are missing per machine.