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    Provisioning Using net user with public variable on Windows 10/Windows 10 hung on cmd prompt C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe


      We are adding an administrator account  with provisioning and we have a public variable setup as sensitive data for the account password.   When we provision with execute file and the command-line parameters: of account name %variable name% /add on a Windows 10 device, the template just hangs at Action 1 with the cmd.exe screen.  It doesn't add the account at all.


      This template works without issues and immediately on Windows 7.  I've tested it more than once with different accounts and different passwords set as variables for Win 7 with success.  No luck with this same thing for Windows 10.  It just hangs and doesn't create the account.  Clicking the X in the cmd.exe immediately closes that action and returns an error that the password is longer than 14 characters.  The variable and the password are not even close to 14 characters.  For example a variable named %test%   (just test in LANDesk public variable page) doesn't work.  Actual password is well within 14 characters and again works when I eliminate the variable and type it plainly in the action.


      I can add the actual account password in the command-line parameters and it will instantly be created on Windows 10.    This seems to be some bug where this sensitive data when passed as %variablename%   doesn't work in Windows 10.   We don't want to put the account passwords in clear text for provisioning.  That's the purpose of the sensitive data variables.


      Works in Win 7, doesn't work in Win 10.    Suggestions?