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    Upgrading to Xtraction 2016.4? You may receive a General Error after Upgrade - Revert Application Pool Identity

    johnny.chamboullides Rookie

      We just upgraded to v2016.4 from v2016.1 with the "new" process using the Setup.exe file instead of the "old" way of just overwriting the Xtraction directory on the server, and now we're receiving the following error upon launching Xtraction:


      General Error - An error has occurred. Check the application log for details.


      I've checked the logs but nothing is clearly defined as the true cause.


      I used the "Xtraction Upgrade to v2016.4.pdf" file as the instructions to upgrade as well, and did the following in these steps:


      1. Installed .NET 4.6.1 as noted in the instructions
      2. Rebooted Server
      3. Removed Alert Service by the following command: SC delete Xtraction.AlertService.exe
      4. Stopped the Application Pools: Xtraction and XtractionWinAuth
      5. Stopped the Xtraction Task Manager Service
      6. Backed up Xtraction folder
      7. Backed up Database from separate DB Server
      8. Ran v2016.4 Setup.exe from Install folder
      9. Clicked Create/Update Database
      10. Ensured credentials were accurate
      11. Finished Install - Launched IE11 & Chrome - Encountered Xtraction Error
      12. Restarted IIS
      13. Encountered Xtraction Error
      14. Rebooted Server
      15. Xtraction Error remains


      I've also ran the Xtraction Settings Check, but it looks like it fails with the following notes:




      I'm unsure of the cause of this, but the instructions in the "Xtraction Upgrade to v2016.4.pdf" were not really laid out properly in my opinion and were scattered throughout the document.


      I've opened a case with our TAM but wanted to see if anyone else encountered this issue. I also plan to update this post once a resolution is determined so others are aware as well.




      There is an issue with the Xtraction 2016.4 upgrade installer where your Identity may change on your Application Pools. We had to change the following setting back to an Active Directory account we had specified prior to the upgrade:




      For some reason, the install changes the "Xtraction" Application Pool to "NetworkService" on its own. This shouldn't be happening. Change it back to what you have permissioned on your Database and you should be all set.