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    how to add a new view to data model

    SurabhiSingh Rookie

      I am unable to add a new view to data model. I don't see the option ADD.

      Please suggest how to add a view.

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          GreggSmith SupportEmployee

          If you are not able to add a new data source or a new view, that is most likely because you have the Standard license.  To add new data sources and views, you need the Enterprise license.  Effectively, that is the only difference between Standard and Enterprise.  Adding that additional functionality enables you to use Xtraction to report against any databases on supported SQL platforms (MSSQL, Oracle, etc.).  This way, you can map your own connections to as many of your databases yourself without having to purchase pre-built adapters or engaging services.


          Can you give me an idea of what the new view is for?  And what data source are trying to modify?




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            GreggSmith SupportEmployee

            There is a significant addition to my previous statement.


            Starting with 2018.0 (the new HTML5 version), the Enterprise license ALSO introduces "free viewers".  More specifically, any Xtraction user that has NO role options selected (they are not an administrator, they are not a designer, they cannot schedule reports, and they cannot schedule alerts), they will not consume a user license when they log in.


            With Standard licenses, those users will continue to consume a license when they log into Xtraction, so the Enterprise license can be a cost effective upgrade to increase user access.