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    2016.3 cannot schedule any tasks in Patch and Compliance via console

    Ryechz Apprentice

      After installing the service update, we cannot do several things in our consoles.  There are several issues, but the two biggest issues are the following.


      1. When using queries to target computers for Scheduled Tasks, the queries never expand / process so the computer list is never generated and the task is never deployed.  I have to run the query outside of the task, then drag the computers in the results into the task to get the software deployed.  This issue breaks the tasks that are setup as policies which are "automated" using queries and recurring run schedules.


      2. We cannot schedule tasks in Patch and Compliance, Security Activity or Agent Settings.  I can do so in Distribution Packages, Content Replication, and OS Provisioning just fine.


      Any suggestions as to how to fix these issues?  Are they related?  This issue happens on the core and on all remote consoles.


      This is the patch revision of our consoles: