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    Error when log in

    Kaspi Rookie

      Hello everybody!


      I tried to delete an attribute in the object, but there is an error, then the program hangs, and then I closed it. Then I tried to log into the console, but could not, so got this error:

      "Invalid Path: ClassType ProblemManagement.Problem does not contain Attribute _Canal"


      I don't know where to look.

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          My guess is that you have a system/user filter defined that references this attribute but it was not included in the referential integrity checks when you deleted the attribute.  Was the attribute you deleted in fact have a named property of "_Canal"  in Business Object Designer (ie "usr_canal" in the database) and was a related attribute.


          I would suggest you log a case with Ivanti support and they can perhaps create a SQL script for you to remove the offending filter or its criteria so you can logon again.

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            Kaspi Rookie

            Thank You for taking the attention and answer. I have already decided this problem.

            I had to artificially insert records into the system tables md_database_column and md_attribute_type, but if I try to delete an attribute, the error appears again. The environment is a test, so not terrible. The main thing is that I can login.