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    Landesk Client Agen

    Speedway Rookie

      when the landesk agent is installed on a device (client side) does it use a ceratin account or can it be configured to run as a service?

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          MotazAlqaissi ITSMMVPGroup

          As far as I am aware, When the agent is installed, it runs under the local system account. The account that you use for the deployment is just to grant you the permission for the installation.

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            Speedway Rookie

            Thank you Motaz.   Do you happen to know if you can switch it to a service account after the client is installed?

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              LogicalScarcity Apprentice

              Hey Brian! It depends on what the agent is doing. You can set distribution packages to run as a specific user or service account, instead of local system. This is set in the properties of the distribution package, in the Accounts section. You can also create a script that kicks off ldiscn.exe and/or vulscan.exe, then use software distribution to run those as a specific user, but I don't recommend doing that on an ongoing basis. It would help to know a bit more detail in what it is you'd like to accomplish. Is there a specific process or program you want to run as a service account, instead of local user?

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                Marking LogicalScarcity as the correct reponse.


                In short:

                • 99% of our stuff runs as "local system" -- because we need to.
                • Please don't try to change that. A lot of the stuff we're trying to do requires elevated privileges.


                • If you need to install something in a specific user context, you can do that via the normal options provided as part of a Package definition. That allows you to run batch-files / installers in a specific context.

                1 - Soft Dist Account.jpg


                • Repeating again - please do *NOT* try to change the account we're running as by default. Local System - period. Anything less and you WILL run into all manner of problems.


                Thanks & hope this helps.