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    Maintenance Window Patch Management via CSA

    carlos Expert

      LDMS 9.6 SP2



      I'm new on patch management and I was asked the following question:


      When the below two steps are completed, do we have the ability to tell LANdesk to wait for an agreed upon window for these patches to apply? Essentially allowing IT/business to pick a window for patch application according their needs.

      "The patching process downloads a list of the updates via HTTPS so pacth.landesk.com must be reachable on port 443.

      The actual patches are downloaded from patch.landesk.com via HTTP so patch.landesk.com must be reachable on port 80. "

      Does the same considerations apply to patches as for scheduled tasks (I know that i can set the software distribution task to WAIT)?



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          If I've understood your question correctly, the feature you're after is the maintenance window under distribution and patch agent settings.  Alternatively, allow users to delay the patching themselves.  I don't think it's in 9.6 SP2 but later versions have the feature for the end-user to select when to patch via a drop-down menu during the initial patch request.


          If I've misunderstood, please elaborate as you've asked about a time window but then listed network ports quotes.

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            carlos Expert

            Thank you Stewart that answered my question, sorry for the late replay.