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    Profiles and Payloads not applying to Android devices?

    Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

      I'm struggling with getting any new Profiles or Payloads to apply to my Android devices in a 6.1 SP3 environment.


      I have multiple Profiles Applied and Enabled:




      With multiple Payloads inside of the Profiles:



      Deployments have been run and the SDS is up to date:



      But devices are only eligible for limited Profiles. Any new Profiles that are added don't show up in the Applied Profiles section on the device info page and any changes to existing Profiles that are Applied cause them to disappear from the Applied Profiles section.


      Devices in the inventory are successfully checking in, but they won't download any updates.



      I'm not seeing any errors in the server logs or in the Diagnostics section of the enabler.


      What is going on? What am I missing?