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    CMDB Starter Questions

    rs090 Apprentice

      Hello everyone wanted to get some community feedback from those who have gone through the CMDB creation process.


      Our Company is at the start of large CMDB project, we do have experience building CMDB's out in other applications but this will be our first attempt with Ivanti's product.  Our environment will have thousands of objects and attributes and around 15 levels of CI's from Vmware down to the application/workstation including impact levels throughout. 


      1) Under the CI structure Console option what method did your companies use for creating the views?   I can image we might want to see a view from the application standpoint as well as the Vmware server standpoint, however it would appear each view needs to be constructed manually as there is no copy view function.  Did your companies build out several view for each CI level or did you only have one view?  How many classes do you have an how many assets do you manage in all of those classes?


      2) When it comes to the Total View, I can imagine that gets rather large and even with 20 items it already takes several minutes to load.   Do you use the total view, if you had/have thousands of items on the total view how much use does it get/how do you manage that?


      3) Could someone explain relationship rules to me a bit more if you use and them and how they are used in your environment.  The documentation seems to give a general purpose for them but hoping someone can provide a real example of how they use them.


      Thanks in advance.