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    OS provisioning of DELL Precision 5510 throught DELL TB16 (thunderbolt 3 dock) failed with an error window

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      I come to you with interesting OS provisioning failure. So let's start with presenting the configuration that I have:

      LDMS version = 2016.3 SU02 on windows server 2012 R2 datacenter

      Computer to install = DELL Precision 5510 with DELL TB16 (so the network cable is connected to the DELL TB16 and not directly to an RJ45 interface in the laptop)


      Now time for describing the issue:

      So we are testing the OS provisioning via LANDesk on a new DELL model which uses DELL TB16 (Thunderbolt 3 dock). The WinPE was successfully loaded and start to proceed the script "startnet.cmd" to load integrated drivers, check network connection and many other customized steps. Drivers were successfully loaded and WinPE get an IP address. One of these steps that I have mentioned is to create a folder under X:\ named "ldprovision" then use a CBA8 component called HTTPCLIENT.exe (under X:\CBA8\) to download ldprovision.exe from the core server to the folder "ldprovision" using HTTP


      below is the command used:

      httpclient -f ldprovision.exe http://%corename%/LdLogon/Provisioning/Windows/ldProvision.exe


      Directly after this command the startnet.cmd will execute the executable file "ldProvision.exe" and here we get the error window (see picture in the attachment os_prov_error2.jpg)


      After many hours of troubleshooting I found out that the root cause of this issue is that ldProvision.exe wasn't fully downloaded and when "startnet.cmd" reach the step where it launchs this executable file it fails because it is corrupted.

      From WinPE I mapped a share to //%corename%/LdLogon/Provisioning/Windows/ and I tried to download this executable file by myself and guess what ... I had the same issue the download always fails to fully download "ldprovision.exe".

      I checked the IIS log maybe I find some details and I found that everytime the HTTPClient try to download "ldprovision.exe" usgin HTTP Get method a new entry is added to the log file (see below):


      2017-03-08 13:21:53 GET /LdLogon/Provisioning/Windows/ldProvision.exe - 80 - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - - 200 0 995 21374


      so as you can see there is the windows error code 995 (sc-win32status) in the final HTTP Status (just after 200 0). The error description is : The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request. when I googled this error code most of web page refers to C# or ASP.net error related to closed sockets.

      Does any one of you guys is using DELL TB16 or Thunderbolt 3 Dock and did he was able to provision it via LANDesk.