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    Howto update an incident by user mail?

    ToQuentin Rookie

      Hi there,


      how can an incident automatically updated by a user mail?

      For example:


      A user gets a confirmation mail with an incident-ID. When the user answers this mail, is it possible to update this incident by creating a note? At the moment the system creates a new incident every time...


      Best regards.

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          ToQuentin Rookie



          thank you answering so quickly. I regret it doesn't work.

          In "Subject keywords settings" I put the default subject text in 'Update'-keyword with the wild card "{Id}" in there. The system creates new incidents anyway...

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            John Stuart-Robson Employee



            You only need Update in the actions settings.  You need to make sure in your inbound mail mapping that you have mapped the Subject and Body attributes to the Note Title and Text attributes:

            When the user replies to the email - it should have Update: and the reference number in the subject of the email.


            A safer method to use would be to create a mailto link at the bottom of your email which is sent to the user.  This will fill out the important fields an example would be:


            mailto:[email protected]?Subject=Update:%20{Id}. 


            Also restart the inbound service after you have made any changes in the mail component.


            Good Luck


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              andreas.lindner Expert

              Hi ToQuentin,


              there are a few things, that the Service Desk needs to successfully update a process and I'd recommend the following preferences:

              1. You need a mailbox and a mapping for your Inbox that should look like this. As I understand it, that works fine.

              2. Now if you want to add a Note if anyone answers, your mapping should look like this:

              Mapping1.PNG and this Mapping2.PNG

              If you map the Subject and Body to the Note or Attachment, you only have the option "On creation only", but that is totally fine at the moment.


              3. Any outgoing mail, that the user can answer, should contain the Update Keyword in its subject. You can configure the keyword in your Mail settings.



              4. Configure your reply messages that it contains in my case "Update: {Id}" for example.


              So a valid subject, that will update your process has to look like this: "Update: 12345". So first the update keyword followed by the matching case number.


              BEWARE: The Mail Manager currently works that way, that it analyzes the subject and looks for your update keyword, and, if found, it looks again at the subject from the start and uses the first number it finds as case number. So if you have a subject for example "RE(2) Update: 12345", it will try to match the incoming mail to the case number 2 and not 12345. This is a known issue.


              Hope I could be of some help!


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                ToQuentin Rookie

                Hi Andreas,


                thank you for your answer. It works now.