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    Demote and Force self-elected PXE rep


      Hey All,

      I've been struggling with trying to figure out how to force demote and force elect a PXE rep in self-electing services.  Everything we have currently setup works as intended but sometimes there's a requirement to demote and force a pxe rep due to time restrictions.


      A scenario to help.  Device 1-PXE is on subnet and is moved to a brand new subnet  I now need 1-PXE to be elected and provide PXE services to the new subnet.  Enabled new subnet for PXE service, we've also created a package to install PXE files required instead of self-downloading, as well as edit registry to up the PXE_SVC_SCORE.  Deivce 1-PXE still remains as the elected device for the first subnet even though it now resides on the new subnet.


      Thanks in advance.