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    How to build Surface/Tablets with shared network adaptor?

    jdseymour01716 Apprentice

      I am having trouble deploying a provisioning job to Surface tablets using either the Microsoft Surface Ethernet Adaptor or the Surface Dock. This is done via a bootable WinPE stick on LANDesk 2016.3 to get around PXE issues with USB NICs.


      The issue is that we have one of each network adaptor in IT which we intend to use to build all our Surface tablets (and other models) for Windows 10 using provisioning, but during testing, building a new one takes the host name (and inventory record) of a tablet previously built using either adaptor, as it is tied to the MAC address. Traditionally, we have build PCs by pre-staging by creating a .ims file in the following format:


      Device Name = MAxxxxx

      Network - TCPIP - Address =

      Network - NIC Address = 112233445566

      Network - TCPIP - Adapter 0 - Subnet Mask =

      Network - TCPIP - Host Name = MAxxxxx


      and importing it into the LDScan folder, and creating a AD record with the Device Name ready for domain join. I have also tried using Bare Metal, using the serial number of the device to uniquely identify it but also without success.


      What is the best practice for building devices using a shared (USB) network adaptor, so that they don't wipe existing Inventory records?

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