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    Clearing an x-wait message

    miketuricik Rookie

      I have TelnetCE 7.3 running 5250 emulation on Intermec CK71 handhelds and Telnet 7.3 running the same emulation on Honeywell VM3 Windows 7 forklift computers. If a user runs across an X-wait message on the CK71, they press Esc to clear it and go on their merry way. But if a user gets an X-wait message on a VM3, the only way out of it is to close the session. I've checked diagnostics and both devices are show the same 001B scan code when pressing ESC. So, how do you clear an X-wait message on Telnet 7.3 for Windows 7? Thanks.


      EDIT: working more with this issue, it seems ESC does clear most X-wait messages, but there are some it won't clear, and the only way out is to close the session.