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    Avalanche Property Value




      I want to create a script that will take a keyed in or scanned in data from a Telnet CE Session and modify an Avalanche Property Value for every device on my Avalanche SE. Is this possible?

      I see a "Get_Avalanche_Property_Value" but nothing to Set a value.

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          This is not supported by default but you can develop a custom app that you can call from TelnetCE scripting and pass a parameter to it. Scrape whatever information you need off of the screen into a variable, call your custom built executable and pass in the variable value. Your app could then receive that info and add it as a property in one of the Avalanche PRF properties files.

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            cachilli SupportEmployee

            Here is an example of the script you will need. Page 125 of the scripting guide. This returns a value that is already set.


            To add custom properties to a device see:

            AMC: How to add custom properties to devices




            Returns a string with the value of the Wavelink Avalanche property. Returns an empty string

            if Avalanche is not installed or does not have that property.



            Value1 The property name (a string).






            Script( Avalanche_Property )

            String( sName, True )

            String( sResult )

            Activate( From_Menu )

              sName = Ask_String( "What is the name of the Avalanche property?",

              "Avalanche Property Test", 1, 200, sName )

              If_Not( String_Empty( sName ) )

              sResult = Get_Avalanche_Property_Value( sName )

              If_Not( String_Empty( sResult ) )

              Ask_OK( String_Combine( "The property value is ", sResult ),"Result" )



              Ask_OK( "No property value available.", "Result" )