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    No All Records shown in Xtraction ?


      Hi I have Create the Following :

      create this query > showing the number of devices that connect on that month:



      Now I have create this on xtraction : under computers view


      And I have not link it to another table .

      This is the column for distinct count :



      And here is the month :


      When I create a tree it work fine ,, for each month just show the count


      But when create a pivot component :



      Its not showing all month in the graph , as Column

      But if I change the style to column Stacked % ,, its showing all record


      Here is the properties




      Can any one help !!

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          GreggSmith SupportEmployee

          Hello Mohammad,


          I am glad to see you are working through some data modeling in Xtraction.


          I would like to point out a couple of issues with what you have posted and then suggest an alternative.


          1. You should not have "floating" unjoined tables in a View.  As soon as someone tries to mix the data from the floating table with data from the joined set of tables, they will receive error messages.

          2. Your query determines number of computers connected each month, but ignores the year.  So, if computers A, B, & C connect in January 2015, A & D in January 2016, and B, C, & E in January 2017, your results will show 5 for January (all January's combined; not just 2017, which would be 3).  Is that really what you are looking for?

          3. The dates are likely stored as UTC (essentially, London time).  So, a machine that only connected once, on March 1st at 2am UTC (what is store in the database) will appear in March's count in your query, even though you may be concerned with connections relative to New York, which should then be February as the connection time would be February 28th at 10am.  When determining distinct monthly connections, this will likely have a negligible impact on the results, but if you are looking at total connections (per computer) whether monthly, weekly, or daily, this will have a greater impact on the results.  Many folks may be find the slight discrepancy acceptable, but you should be aware that it is there.


          Before I propose an alternate solution, I am interested in your response to #2 and #3 above.  Are you really looking for distinct connections in January 2016 and January 2017 separately?  Are you concerned with the logins based on a specific time zone?  Are you okay with just reporting based on connections relative to London time (UTC)?




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            Hi Gregg,
            thank for your reply


            1- i haven't figure out how to add PK,to the query i have write then link it with the computer view.
            2- i have modified it before to include the years
            3- this dashboard is configured for one country time , so it will not matter the UTC ,, how ever i will change it .


            also i have managed to resolve this issue ,, i create a pivot component
            Row : years column : Months and summary to max of the distinct count



            but the thing is for records equal to 1 , like May  it seems in the graph there's nothing
            i tried to add min and max level for y axis but still the same ,,
            how can i raise it more to be shown in the graph