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    Add Query to Workspaces


      I am running LANDesk 2016


      Maybe I'm just missing something BUT is anyone familiar with the method in which you add a query to LANDesk Workspaces? I can create a security dashboard, add a Link, and click Query. But nothing really happens after that. I'm not given a list of queries to choose from and when I click on the link, nothing happens.


      I have a certain query I want to add to Workspaces to keep track of software. Is there detailed instructions on how to add a query to LANDesk workspaces?

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          What version are you on just tested in 2016.4 and 2016.2  and when I click Link / Query /  I get the following screen below; If I scroll down to choose the object on which the query is located I can see all the queries on that object.   Also have an instance of 2016.2 and tested it there, looks a little different but there should be a modules section after you click the query button.  


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            I'm on 2016.3 SU1


            This is the screen I receive when I try and add a query. I don't see the modules as you see. Do your query's need to be placed in a certain location on the core? I see a "portal query" folder but I'm not sure how you were able to publish yours so workspaces can see them as modules.




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              Check the Web Access configuration setting on your web server or wherever you have the bridgeIT/workspaces application setup in your configuration center.


              We setup ours on web01


              1) Open configuration center for that server   //servername/configurationcenter

              2) Edit the Web Access application

              3) In the reports path directory point to where the reports are stored:  In our case they are in the default folder C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\ServiceDesk\ServiceDeskTest.WebAccess\Reports

              4) Restart your IIS services on the server

              5) log back in to workspaces and you should now have the modules hopefully

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                Sorry disregard that above, I thought I tried it and was missing the modules section but can't reproduce now.   So I don't think the reports path is relevant in this case.   My apologies.   I don't have any other ideas on this so hopefully someone else can weigh in. 

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                  MotazAlqaissi ITSMMVPGroup



                  I had a discussion with one of Ivanti team and he confirmed that this is currently not possible to do. you cannot add your own created queries into LDMS workspaces. He said it might be available in the next releases in the future.