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    Capturing Windows 10 Default Browser

    Stan.Schwartz Rookie

      Okay!  I'm trying to capture when someone changes the default browser in Windows 10, from Edge to Firefox.


      So....after referring to DOC-46070 (which doesn't seem to cover it), and adding a TON more keys to grab, I'm no closer to capturing the default browser setting in Windows 10.  I currently have the following keys being captured, and it STILL isn't saving it.


      SHIRLEY, there has to be someone who's done this!  ...and yes, I called you Shirley.




      Thanks in advance,



      3/15/2017 - New information:


      Based on the script found here (http://poshcode.org/3504), I added the following keys to capture:





      I can see that I'm capturing them in the analysis, however when I log on, THESE are the only keys that don't seem to be written to the registry.  I don't see any active setup item changing these settings.  So...where are they going?  How can I tell if/when they're being written at ALL, and if they are, how do I tell when they're being overwritten?


      Any AppSense people watching this thread?