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    Inbound Email - Not Scanning Mailbox

    mburton147 Apprentice

      We had a test system setup so that when people send an email to a mailbox it would automatically approve the relevant request - This worked fine.


      We've now performed a test to live and the mailbox isn't being scanned and processing any emails.


      We've disconnected and stopped the services in TEST so they're not looking at this mailbox anymore. It's connected fine in LIVE through Admin > Mail > Inbound Email > Mailboxes.

      The Inbound mail service is running in LIVE but it just won't scan and process the mails in the mailbox.


      IIS Resets and restarting the services make no difference.


      Does anyone have any ideas?


      Service Desk 7.7.3

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          John Stuart-Robson Employee

          Hi Mark,


          Have you checked the event log on the application server to see if there is anything obvious in there? If not, I would increase the logging level on the inbound mail service so you can see what is actually happening when it tries to process the mailbox. 


          In Configuration Center, stop the inbound mail service and click edit.  Change the Log Severity from Error to Trace.  Click ok and then start the service.  You should then see what the mail service is doing in the event log.


          Good luck.



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            mburton147 Apprentice

            Thanks John - Turned out to be that the server needed adding to the Firewall to allow inbound email.

            Once this was done the mailbox started being scanned and the emails were processed.