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    Query Help


      We are running LanDesk ServiceDesk 7.5 (will eventually upgrade to 2016).  I've been trying to figure this out but to no luck - I've been trying to set up a query to find all incidents that have never had a task opened (1st contact resolution).  Would someone be able to assist?


      Also, if anyone has any 1st contact resolution queries they'd be willing to share, we'd be grateful to receive help with that.




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          Hi CUJB,


          you should upgrade to latest version .


          if you want a query to show all incidents without Task Created :


          if you would to know if there's an open task or not ,, you can add in criteria : Task.Status = open




          for the 1st contact resolution , assign count can help , if it's equal to 1 and the status is resolved ,, means that the  1st line level resolve the ticket .