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    Is there a way to troubleshoot how conditions are evaluated in EM Configuration?

    Marjorie.Menacker Apprentice

      I can see the action is occurring although I tried to exclude certain conditions.  Can I use multiple conditions?  I created a reusable condition for computers that are not in certain OUs before the action occurs.  I have paired that with an OR evaluation of another reusable condition that excludes certain user security groups.  The security groups condition works just fine, but the OU does not.  I have tried adding both the Computer OU and the Client Computer OU - using "and" for each entry that I want to exclude.  So it shows as:

      Computer OU Membership not equal to Path\Restricted

           AND Computer OU Membership not equal to otherPath\Restricted

                AND Computer OU Membership not equal to anotherPath\Restricted


      etc. for Anding the Client Computer OU Membership with the same OUs that I chose from the Match elipses.


      How do I know if the logged on computer is meeting tht condition per the EM configuration now?  Or if the EM configuration is even evaluating it or not?


      Thanks for any assistance you can provide.