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    OS Provisioning Log FIles


      Where on the root of C: can find the os provisioning Log files  or is there a way to have log file saved to the C:

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          This document has the log file locations listed. If you are looking for the log files after the machine has been provisioned, the default action is to remove the client provisioning folder on the provisioned machine. You can change the default to not remove the folder. This document references this as well.



          How To: Troubleshoot Provisioning Template Action Handlers

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            There is an option in the template under Options to delete the client provisioning folder, and by default it is checked. To create a save the logs in the C:\ldprovisioning folder uncheck this option in the template.


            You can also check the C:\Windows\Temp for some of the provisioning logs, but the best way is to change the template so they are all saved in that one location.


            It is very typical for HII in the Post-OS configuration to fail, since the drivers are being applied to an offline image. We recommend unchecking the box to fail the task if that action fails and running HII in the System Configuration as well. The biggest reason to have HII in the Post-OS Configuration stage is to ensure the device gets it's boot critical drivers and the NIC so it can continue the template.


            If your machines boot after and have network connectivity, uncheck the box to fail the template for the first pass of HII and add a second pass in the system configuration portion. If it is not getting the boot critical drivers and NIC you will want to run HII preview since that will tell us what is being detected and what drivers are being assigned.




            The logs will be named HIIClient.log HII.log and HIIPreview.log and if you have the box unchecked to delete the logs they .

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