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    Restricting reference list values




      Someone here has asked whether it is possible to restrict certain values of a reference list- in this case the want to restrict analysts setting values of Impact and Urgency that would give rise to a priority 1 call. The reason being it is being used too often for calls that are not priority 1.


      The only way I can think of doing this is by creating a new role and assigning members who can set (or not set) priority 1 values to this role.


      The next step I would imagine is a Windowed calculation (not sure if it can be done this way) where the current analyst is checked for whether they are a member of the role and the values listed accordingly. Alternatively does the calculation need to be on the actual reference list attribute?


      Has anyone managed to do something similar or know whether my ideas are acheiveable?


      I have my doubts whether this should be done for Impact and Urgency as there will be cases when priority 1 is a valid option- maybe this is a training issue after all


      Many thanks and regards,