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    "Computer"."Software"."Package" Query

    timeconsumer Apprentice

      I am attempting to create a query that shows all inventory items in the "Computer"."Software"."Package" section. I want to omit the words "Microsoft" and "Windows" from showing up in the results.


      What I am experiencing is that when I create the simple query as show below, the query returns no results. (I have tried many "Login Name" accounts")

      I have also removed "Login Name". What is odd about the results in this query is that it only returns information about MacOS machines and zero Windows OS machines. We have an environment with about 3,500 Windows machines and 700 Macs.

      Does anyone have a better way to view all installed software?

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          If you create your query like this:

          It is normal that you are only Macs, indeed you ask machines that do not have Microsoft software installed.
          If you want to list all the software on all the computers you must add the software column at the bottom right like this:


          But I advise against this method because the request will return one line per software and per device, imagine that you have 20 softwares and drivers on your 3500 devices, the request will return 70k input !

          Maybe you should study the custom report, or if you simply want to know all your application, work with SLM (Software License Monitoring).
          Do not hesitate to seek in the community this question has certainly already been posed.

          Hoping to have helped you, sorry for English.