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    LDMS: Devices that appears more 100 times.




      In LDMS 9.5 SP2, I've a trouble with duplicate devices.



      In the console, there  devices that appears more 100 times.



      I modified the column set to only devices name, but the trouble continue.



      The issue have 4 o 5 day olds and the only strange is that the directory ldscan had ver 15000 files and  inventory of device is around 4500 devices.





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          I have been checking the issue, and find that the "Device ID" are different for each "Device Name".



          The "Device ID", is the agent identifier that is on each device?.




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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Without having a look at your database, we won't be able to tell you what's going on and why.


            The biggest immediate problem here is that you're on version 9.5 -- which has been end-of-life'd for a few years now.


            While this sort of problem/situation MAY arise with newer versions of LANDesk just as well potentially, there's no active support for 9.5 ... so we can't really take a look at your database / setup, unless you stumble across someone who still has a 9.5 VM setup lying around that they could import your DB into.


            You can *TRY* to contact support & see if you happen to find someone who still has an old environment around maybe, but it'd be ENTIRELY down to a "good will" effort here.


            Chances are that there's a logically legitimate explanation for this (the logic for that stuff has been fine for 10+ years) -- and it's usually more a situation of finding out what exactly is going on in / with your environment. But with a Core that old ... that'll get difficult.


            Hope that helps a bit?