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    Knowledge Article Query (Workspaces)




      We're working on our Knowledgebase (on version 2016.4). We 4 KB domains - we'll call it A, B, C and D..  We have an end user and have assigned them KB Domain A.


      When they are logged onto workspaces, they are able to use search and pull up results for KB Domain A - which is intended and fantastic!


      Our challenge:


      We're trying to add gadgets where it will query only the articles they have access to in their KB domain.


      As of right now, out of the box, there are 10 queries in Data Grid - Knowledge Management - Article.  Currently, if I insert a gadget for "Top 10 Most Effective Published Articles" or "All Published Articles" the end user can see and view all articles regardless if it sits in another KB domain.  We'd like to provide them the ability to search within their KB domain (accomplished) but also visual gadgets (data grids) so they can click around.


      Any help would be appreciated!

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          kevin.bye Apprentice

          I believe that since the data grids are set up as queries, you would need to have the Knowledge Domain specified as a filter criteria on the query.  Which would mean that you need multiple queries (one for each domain), and then publish the link to this data grid based on group/role membership to give them access.  Someone else may have a better way though.