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    Map Drive Letter Action - Can't Browse, Can't use $ in path


      LANDESK 2016 SU5

      Windows 2012 R2


      I've noticed some strange behavior in 2016 concerning MAP Drive letter actions in provisioning. I was hoping that SU5 would have fixed the problem but no love......


      1. When adding a mapped drive letter action, the browse button does not jump to the specified location. It simply references the core server. See Pic

      • The location, however, is accessible from explorer and a command prompt. But not from the browse button in the dialog box.
      • Even though you can't browse, you can enter a path and it will work in provisioning.
      • There's just no visual confirmation that you are in the right location.


      2. The real kicker I have found is that you can no longer have a $ share in your path. This always worked in the past but not in 2016.

      • I tried to trick it by exporting the template into xtp format and editing the path by using a $ symbol in the path but it failed - of course.
      • This is a major annoyance since we use several admin shares as external resources. Not a show stopper but a real hassle.


      If anyone has seen this I'd love to hear back from you. If you have a solution, I'd be thrilled.


      Thank you!