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    Knowledge Management ID number


      Our team has a problem with retrieving identifiers for Knowledge Management.  After many tries, we have discovered that as you create a new article, it shows up with an ID number in the "My Activity" section as shown in the screenshot.  That ID is only visible on the day you create the article, and only for the person who created the article.  What we're looking for is a way to locate the ID numbers for articles already created.  It's helpful to our team so that we can reference it by number instead of by title.  We can find requests, incidents, and other items with no problem.  We just can't find these particular items.


      What we're doing now is creating an article and saving it, then going back and adding the ID number to the article so it can be used as a reference point. We are able to search by article number, which is wonderful!


      Any suggestions regarding how I might retrieve that information for older articles be would be most helpful.