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    Visual Studio Whitelisting






      Have .Net developers who execute artefacts built from source and Microsoft visual studio extensions and I have whitelisted a Folder location and inclusion of subfolders to allow them to save the source and data there but still they are unable to compile some stuff which gets written to user profile temp directory for webcompiler with various extensions.


      My question is; has anyone got this nailed and able to share your whitelisting configuration settings for Visual Studio and its intricacies?


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          Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

          I don't have any templates right off hand but I would have to think that you will just need to build out a couple Process Rules for this. I hate the name Process Rule as its more like a SUB-process rule. Basically allow any process/folder/drive if a particular executable calls it.


          I just fired up VS.net 2013 and created a winform project. When running it looks to me like its running the project as a sub process of devenv.exe so if you create a process rule for devenv.exe and allow *.exe you should be good. Just guessing though based on process explorer on my desktop though...

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            Thanks will give that a go and let you know how I get on.


            Pity one can't get Process Rule to run just for a specific AD Security group..


            Just some of the extensions listed below, does that mean I need to do a *.dll, *.cmd, *.com?

            In one extension folder
            resides the following files:

            • Cjpeg.exe
            • Gifsicle.exe
            • Jpegtran.exe
            • Libjpeg-62.dll
            • Png-lossless.com
            • Png-lossy.cmd
            • Pngout.exe
            • Pngquaint.exe
            • truePNG.exe
            • zopfli.exe
            • zopflipng.exe

            This is an extension that optimises images.


            We have version 8.9 SP3 AM and AMC 8.7 SP1



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              timothyb SupportEmployee

              Use the Rules Analyser tools to determine what is getting blocked and the owning process.  If you're using AM 10.1, you can enable auditing to the local Windows Event logs, AM 10.1 now includes additional fields to help build rules.  Consider using the 3rd Party RA Logger tools RALogger this provides a grid view of the results that can be filtered.  Personally I find this much easier than the Console view.


              You can also probably ignore denies for "Overwrite", "Overwrite-If" and "Rename" operations.  These relate to the Trusted Ownership feature, ensuring that file ownership is changed if the file is modified.  The RA Logger tool have the facility to strip these results.  If you're troubleshooting it can be worth leaving them in but if you're build a config you can tend to ignore them.