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    Remote Console install fails on Win10 1607

    jdseymour01716 Apprentice

      We're getting a few issues trying to install the 2016.3 Remote Console on a Windows 10 X64 Build 1607 PC - fully patched with March 2017 cumulative update. Invariably, when trying to install from the LDMS 2016.3 (gold) media, it fails at the Data Analytics stage and won't get past it. The setup log files don't give much away as to that the problem it. I am running the installation as admin, and using right-click 'run as administrator' just to be sure. The PC has .NET 4.6.2 installed in case that is an issue. Installation works fine on Win7 clients, and it has previously installed on Win10 PCs.


      Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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          Casity.chris SupportEmployee



          Sometimes .NET 4.6 can cause issues with our installation, usually with the core server. I would suggest to run the data analytics update manually by navigating to where it states the setup10.exe is. That should give you an actual error if it fails.


          I have seen this fail a few times and it is usually because it cannot remove the older version of data analytics. There is a Microsoft FixIt tool that might help in removing the old version.


          If that doesn't seem to help, I have had the best results by deleting the older version from the registry and trying the install again. Searching for "data analytics" should yield results.

          If you feel uncomfortable removing keys from the registry, we have a removal tool but be sure that you have backups of your systems before running this. Please note that the removal tool was created by our support staff and although we have tested it personally, it is not officially supported by Ivanti.


          I hope that this helps.


          Best Regards,


          Chris Casity