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    LDMS 2016.3 SQL error 26 on Win10

    jdseymour01716 Apprentice

      Getting another odd issue with LDMS 2016.3 on a clean build Win10 X64 Build 1607 PC with LDMS 2016.3 SU3 Remote Console. If I get past the installation issues in my other thread, it tries to log in  and load, only to fail with HRESULT E_FAIL errors about a COM+ object (failing to attach to it I think) and subsequent attempts fail wit SQL error 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified. This PC has the March 2017 cumulative update applied. It is very odd as we do have other Win10 PCs which work OK, and Win7 clients work fine.. The error is the same whether Windows Firewall is enabled or disabled.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          It's obviously not a "clean" 1607 build, if it has the "March 2017 cumulative update applied." .


          But on a more serious note -- start with a simple check. Do you have the problem only if "the March 2017 cumulative update applied"? Seems like that's the key difference to begin with?


          If so - and it's "just that" ... a couple of options should be open to you.

          • Obviously you should raise a support ticket ... maybe dev can figure out what Microsoft has done to break the installer and come up with a way around the problem?
          • You may (as a workaround) want to have the Console installed before that patch goes down. Sub-optimal, but it may work "for the time being" at least.


          ... Win 10 (and its patching) has been "a series of challenges" I think is the diplomatic way of putting it (not talking about our Console installs - talking about the platform in general) to put it mildly. Wouldn't be overly surprised if Microsoft (probably unintentionally?) threw yet another spanner in the works or so?

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            jdseymour01716 Apprentice

            Your point is indeed true! I have not had the time to fully diagnose whether it is the March 2017 Cumulative update that breaks it, or some other issue. We do have an open case with Ivanti, they have asked for PortQry scans at this stage...


            One interesting thing I have found is that it is not just confined to LANDesk; Our LANDesk SQL Server instance is not running on the default port (1433) but a custom one. Connecting to the LANDesk SQL Server instance via the Management Studio presents no issue on a Win7 box, but it will not work on a Win10 box without specifying the custom port.... Quite possibly related?

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              ... wonder why M$ did this time ... *sigh*.


              ... as long as the CORE can talk to the SQL box, that's the important thing ...


              Well - since we've not had a panic from other customers, maybe it's a weird thing related to the fact that you're using a non-1433 for SQL (hardly a bad idea, but could indeed be related, given that I'd expect a flood of folks if it were "just" the March update). You'd think that outgoing comms would be fine ... although ... if the COM-object is effed up, that WOULD affect comms ... so the true villain might be still back down to your COM object.


              No COM object - no comms.