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    Help in creating Scheduled task to all computers




      I have to problems.


      First I have a application that I need to distribute to a list of devices.
      The list is defined in a query which is set as a prerequisite on the package and the task is working correctly.

      I have the task run once a day (indefinitely) and try to install the application, the next time the task runs it retries the failed computers and so on, this seems to work fine.

      The problem is that the task doesn't try to install the application to new devices that the query should detect (query does detect the new computers if executed manually)



      I that is kind of related to the first.

      I need to have a task run on all computers without needing to manually select them and assigning them to the task and also detect new devices like i mention in the first problem.

      What would be the best practice in this scenario?