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    Software distribution


      Hello all together,


      im trying to distribute software over ldms.

      For this goal i read this pdf: Best Known Method for Software Distribution.pdf

      As i understanding i have to make a for example  a msi file without a ldms tool.


      At the mmoment we user WinInstall  and this prog has a nice tool named discover. Which help me to create a msi. First Step I make a snpshot of a system without  the needed software, than  i install the software and make an aftersnapshot. Discover tool make a msi. I check all the msi and thats it.


      Has the ldms a similar tool?


      somebody have some more information for a "Software deploying"?


      thanks in advance


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          Yes.  It is called Application Virtualization.  Talk to you LANDesk salesperson about this.

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            is this not a part of ldms?


            do somedy have some infos for deploying a software? howto or so

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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              LANDesk has the package builder which is also a snaphot packager.  It is pretty much discontinued but still included in the product.  Snapshot packaging is not really recommended anymore as it can be very dangerous and capture changes that aren't required.


              Most products come as MSI which are commonly pretty easy to deploy as LANDesk supports delivery of MSI.  If customisations are required then this is normally done through the use of a 'transform' file.  For office you can use the Office tools that allow you to create these files or you could look at using some free tools on the market from vendors such as Installshield and Wise.


              .EXE packages (non-MSI) will also normally have commandline switches that allow installation silently.


              For both MSI and EXE a great resource is http://www.appdeploy.com where there is a package knowledgebase that will help you install many different packages.


              LANDesk's current approach seems to be that it is so rare that packaging is necessary now that a bundled packager is not really necessary.


              For 'true' packaging for those applications that do not have installation routines that can be used (getting quite rare these days) you could consider full MSI packaging tools such as from Installshield (LANDesk preferred) or Wise but these are powerful and complex tools and are an artform in themselves.  They also cost quite a bit depending on the level of product you buy.


              The alternative mentioned by Ty is Application Virtualisation.  This is an add-on module and it actually goes back in time to the old snapshot days to build packages.  however it is much safer because the applications are separated from other applications by the nifty technology so the incompatibilities inherent in the old snapshot packaging don't really affect us.  It's a good way of doing simplistic packaging without needing to learn the dark arts of MSI.


              So in summary, try to avoid packaging by using AppDeploy.  practice using some of these and read the different documents under the software distribution section of this community and you won't go far wrong.


              Mark Star - MarXtar LANDesk Enhancements

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                Package builder should not even be discussed as an option when it comes to building an application.  It is old technology, and outside of modifying a registry key it has very little value.  

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                  MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                  It still works and is still useful if used carefully because of the logic it can include.  However, I would agree with you completely if you can get your guys to remove it from the product.  If it's included you can't keep saying it isn't supported anymore!


                  Mark Star - MarXtar LANDesk Enhancements

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                    Hi Guys,


                    can you say me pleese where do i find the software, does it only a file or a part of the console?


                    and can you post some links for the software deployment?


                    best regards


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                      MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                      The package builder is in the installation directory under the LDMAIN share on your core.  For links, just browse the documents on this community and go to the software distribution section.


                      You really need to go on a training course.  You are trying to work out so many things from first principles here it is scary. Softwatre distribution is extrenely powerful but also extremely dangerous if used incorrectly.  A public training clas doesn't cost much in comparison to the investment in the software and it will answer so many of your questions in one hit. 


                      Mark Star - MarXtar LANDesk Enhancements

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                        phoffmann SupportEmployee

                        I can only subscribe to Mark's advice. Get on a training course.


                        LANDesk is NOT one of those bits of software that you "just work out" in your spare time or "over a weekend". It literally takes months (if not years) to master most aspects of it (as there's a HUGE amount of stuff to learn).


                        And the learning curve is complicated by other things too - it's not just LANDesk you have to learn.


                        Let's talk software distribution for instance.


                        OK - so you need to learn "how do I distribute a package via LANDesk" - fine. Then you get to learn all the wonderful ins and outs of HTTP versus UNC-shares, the permission-problems you can run into with either. Then there's of course the occasional router that's going to block you (as a port or IGMP is blocked) - so that's more networking for you right there. Finally there's packaging itself - some packages are VERY particular about the conditions they want to be installed in, packaging itself is an art form (there's people who have a full-time job making MSI's, to strengthen my point). Then there's "cross-technologies" you may have to link into or work around (such as another department trying to run an install via GPO, so you need to make sure you don't try to do something at the same time) and fun stuff like that.


                        So you see - it's not just LANDesk you're going to learn, but entire concepts & reams of technology.


                        And this is just software distribution.


                        And this is just the 2 minute version -- this stuff is complex (there's a good reason why people do it full-time), and really NOT just your "new version of Office" that you can pick up over a weekend. This is very serious stuff and should be treated as such. A training course will give you at least a fighting chance and will prove a VERY worthwhile investment.


                        I hope that this makes clear why we (LANDesk and the ESP's, that is) offer training courses and why they're very much a necessary thing for people new to LANDesk (or any management solution, really) to attend. Yes, the software is very powerful, but there's a lot to pick up - and this is going to take years if you're going to try and do it by your self.


                        Paul Hoffmann

                        LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead