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    VPN Questions


      So this is a multiple question post.


      1. How does Landesk determine when a VPN client is an "Internal" user? So instead of sending it to the CSA cloud it communicates directly with the core server.


      2. Can we force all VPN clients to go out to the manufacturer first for their patches?


      Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi, if you have the agent communication settings for the CSA set to auto-determine the path, then a client will first try to connect to the Core directly and if that fails attempt to use the CSA.


          So the only way you could have a client on VPN downloading from the vendor is either to have them always use the CSA (perhaps look at using adaptive settings to modify the agent settings based on what subnet they are on?) or have it that VPN clients cannot actually see the Core directly.


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