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    Filtering history journal




      Can anybody help with our issue?


      We need to hide some automatic actions from Webaccess history journal - is it possible? As I can see, default query option is blocked in Object designer..

      Is there another way to hide some actions except SQL stored procedure, which would delete them every minute?


      Thank you in advance!


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          Kendall Rookie



          I was just reading the release notes for 2017 and 2017.1 has the option to filter the history.


          Applying filters to History

          You can apply a number of filters to help you to see the items that interest you in the History.

          To apply filters to History:
          1. Expand Preferences, then select the Actions that you want to appear in History.
            The selected actions appear below the control. You can remove actions from the filter by clicking the x alongside their name.
          2. Select the Created By User and Created By Group values as required.
          3. Use the View the Last (hours/days/months/years) controls to specify the time period you want to see the history for.
          4. In the Order By list, select Earliest First or Latest First.
          5. In the View Type list, select Timeline or Document.
          6. Select Show automatic actions if you want automatic actions to appear in History.
          7. Select Show entries for auditable attributes if you want changes to attributes that have the Is Auditable? property set to True in Object Designer to appear in History.
          8. If you have set the View Type to Document, select Show empty fields if you want fields that contain no values to appear in the document view. Otherwise, empty fields are omitted from the document view.
          9. Click Apply to apply the filters to the current History.
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            pawel.mos SupportEmployee

            The History filters Kendall mentioned in his reply were first introduced in 2016.2. Keep in mind this is for Workspaces.


            https://help.ivanti.com/ld/help/en_US/LDSD/10.0/Default.htm#038 2016 New Features/WorkspacesHistory.htm%3FTocPath%3DRelease%2520documentation%7CNew%2520Features%25202016%7CService%2520Desk%2520and%2520Asset%2520Central%25202016.2%7C_____3



            If its for webdesk, that cannot be customized.

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              andreas.lindner Expert

              Hi Ekaterina,

              are we talking WebAccess or Workspaces? For WebAccess, I do not believe that one can filter the Audit Trail, as it is built up automatically and Webaccess just shows the result. Also I could not find any option to hide the audit trail pane from view. Personally I would not delete the audit trail, but I'm not entirely sure if there is any funcionality behind that history.


              But as Kendall mentioned above, Workspaces contain filters, but these are only personal filters, as far as I know. What is certain, that in release 2017.3 the history in Workspaces are only visible to Analysts by default (you can change that using an option).


              So I would upgrade to the current release and start checking if Workspace is an option to work on.