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    Content replication reporting


      Hi there fellow Ivantians (is this a thing yet),


      Before I go a plunge into the beast that is content replication to pull out / create some decent reporting I thought I'd grab some thoughts on how other teams are doing their content replication as well as the reporting to ensure all content is on their respective servers.  Between replicators terminating for seemingly no reason, disk space issues, permissions, corrupt agents, max duration reached, forgotten replicator settings not being applied, mirroring not working, and every other random issue that occurs during content replication;  this is a real pain point for us. The reporting is lacking somewhat when it comes to confirmation of packages / files / maintenance. What information do we actually get that my files are on the preferred server?


      Out of curiosity (and hopefully not to reinvent the wheel) I'm wondering how other teams handle the maintenance / accuracy of their content replication tasks.  I've added some points that I plan on attempting to report on.  Most of which can be done from the console or querying the database directly.


      • Package / folder / file level replication confirmation (SCCM will show at the distribution package level whether the site has that data replicated or not)
      • Tasks not running
      • Tasks last reported > 2 days
      • last run <> succeeded
      • last run details (grouped by result)
      • Preferred servers without replicator, IP address ranges, sources, mirroring, schedule (I already have this report and can / will share when completed this task).


      Running LDMS 2016.3 SU1 -  VM Core Svr 2012R2 -  SQL 2014 Ent.