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    Stopping tickets from being auto-generated via email

    JoshV. Rookie

      Hello everyone, we ran into an issue last night where an analyst placed a note on an incident ticket, which sent the user an email notification, however, the end user was out of office which then replied back to the notification and generated a new ticket. This new ticket then sent the end user another email, which again was replied to with the out of office message, and the cycle kept repeating. After about 45 minutes we had over 105 incident tickets generated from an out of office reply.




      We turned off the inbound email which stopped the new tickets from being created which seems like a reasonable fix for the time being for incidents. The issue though is that we cannot turn off the request inbound emails as we need these for approval emails, but are worried about this happening again. We are thinking that we might try to put a decision on the process flow which looks "Out of office" but were wondering if anyone had any other ideas, ideally a way to just stop tickets from being created via email.