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    Problem with HII with Win7 on Del OptiPlex 7040

    dcadorette Rookie

      Hi All !


      With a Dell OptiPlex 7040, HII doesn't install the video driver when we deploy Win7. It does work correctly with Win10 (maybe the video drivers are built-in in Win10 for this computer).

      The video card is an Intel 530.

      Several deployments has been attempted and the video driver is never installed.

      Downloading the driver manually from Dell works and installing manually does work.


      Anyone having an idea ?


      Thank you,


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          dcadorette Rookie

          Hi All,


          I opened a case at LANDesk support.  Here's the resolution.

          In my case, the driver was the one from a different Dell computer and it was not the same video adapter.

          The driver provided by Dell to LANDesk is not signed and Windows won't load it.  The driver downloaded directly from Dell is signed and works fine.

          I needed to to install this driver manually in HII driver library, but it failed with a bug in Management Suite.


          Install SU3 for Management Suite 2016.1 (you'll have to request it to support).

          Download the correct video driver from Dell.

          In the "[Install Folder]\ldmain\landesk\files\drivers\HIIDell" folder, create a folder to copy the driver.

          In the LANDesk console, Tools -> Provisioning -> HII Driver Management.

          Click on Build Library (this step will fail if you don't update to SU3).

          After the rebuild, click on Assign.

          Select the Make and Model of the computer and the OS you are deploying.

          Select the "Auto Detection" radio button.

          Expand "Driver Library" and find the folder with the drivers for the 7040 and click the folder so it is highlighted.

          Click the Detect button at the bottom of the window. It should show in Orange the drivers that were detected.

          Click the "Assign All" button.

          Close the HII Assign window and close the HII window.


          From that point, the manually downloaded driver will be deployed instaed of the one from LANDesk.


          Thank you,