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    PersInfo 2.0 - Memory Hog / Unsupported.

    BChriscoli Expert

      Just more of a word of warning.


      Despite Ivanti releasing PersInfo 2.0 (after acquiring it from Shaun Jones), it appears a hash has been made to the changes.

      Attempted to raise a support incident and was told that its unsupported.

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          paul.whalley SupportEmployee

          You are correct in that this free community tool was recently acquired, it is an extremely useful tool for debugging Environment Manager installs and had not been compatible for our 10.x releases previously.


          In terms of Maintenance, again it is a free troubleshooting tool and falls in line with all the other tools available on the community. They are not covered under any Customer Maintenance agreement at this time.


          Problems/issues/Requests regarding PersInfo should come to the Exchange Community section for Product Management consideration or maybe direct request if preferred.


          I have been running the 2.0 version on and off since January on my laptop since January, I have not seen anything like the problems that you are reporting and I’m keen to understand what the difference is?  Could you provide more details, also worth expanding on this section it appears a hash has been made to the changes ?


          As the tool utilises .Net this could be a garbage collection problem for example?