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    New to LANDesk

    erie774im Apprentice

      I have recently started at an organization that has been using LANDesk for their Incident and Change requests but now want to begin using Asset as well. Currently their asset process is very manual with forms being filled out and scanned and inventory being done on spreadsheets. I am being tasked with building up their asset process, first by setting up the appropriate forms, importing the existing data, associating computers to people and locations and eventually creating a requisition/procurement/distribution/lifecycle process. Eventually we will be tying the assets to the other modules.


      I have extensive experience working with BMC Remedy ITSM and so am very familiar with asset management but have never worked with LANDesk before. I am scheduled to take the Service Desk /Asset Manager Administration 2016 course in a couple weeks. Could anyone help to point me in the right direction for information on design/planning, etc.? Can the asset module integrate to an external system that is used to actually place orders?


      Thank you for your help and advice. I know I will be coming back her frequently seeking guidance.