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    CA Service Management Integration with LDMS




      I have an requirement to integrate CA Service Management with LDMS latest version.


      Please provide info on my below questions


      1. How can I populate into CA CMDB of Hardware Asset Info and Software Asset info of LDMS

      2. How Can I invoke the remote control console of landesk from CA Service Management

      3. Deploy software package to client machines once the user selects the software asset from service request portal

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Questions 1 and 2 should surely be pointed at CA, no?


          I've no idea what their data schema looks like nor what methods they have to import. Our database is reasonably straight forward -- it depends on what you're trying to get.


          If you've got questions for our side as to "where do you hold X type of data / how do I get at it" - we'd need more information on what sort of stuff you're after.




          Some information on automating / integrating with LDMS from your SD tool can be performed via the SDK's.


          So there's two SDK's -- the MBSDK (message based SDK) for which you can find a lot of information in this article --


          Then there's the LDAPI which is a RESTful communication model - that's something that I'm learning up on the side, and intend to write a similar article for as well.


          The two SDK's are not 1 for 1 replaceable (simply because the MBSDK has had many more years to pick up functionality) and the LDAPI is the "newer" way to do things (it's how Workspaces does its stuff for instance) ... so chances are if you're trying to sophisticated stuff, you may end up using both (which is fine).


          The MBSDK also allows you to also pull data in a query type way (example is included in the article).


          That at least should be a starting point.