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    Help with - Install Office 2016 + Language pack

    DanJones Apprentice

      What is the best way to package Office 2016 so that it installs a Language pack?

      We have various languages used Globally however we want our default installation to be English meaning that we must deploy a language pack with the default install, the language pack will vary by country.

      Is it best to create separate packages each with a different language pack and then have it call the main Office install, as I have tried to do so far? - however this seems not to be working (yet) it is still in the 'installing' status after 24hrs!


      What I have done so far, and what works/does not...


      Working :

      So far I have created the default package for Office 2016 (in English) and using the customisation tool, set it to be silent.

      I have then created the Office 2016 Package in management suite, following the guide that can be found here: How to Create and Deploy a Package for Microsoft Office 2013

      I have tested my package and it deploys correctly.


      Not Working:

      I created a package for German Language:

      Primary File:

      Pointed to the Setup.exe within the language pack extracted ISO

      Install\Uninstall Information:

      I have included the MSI switch \config \ConfigDE.xml

      The XML contains the following information


      <Configuration Product="Office.de-de">

      <Display Level="none" CompletionNotice="no" SuppressModal="yes" AcceptEula="yes" />

      <AddLanguage Id="de-de" ShellTransform="yes" />



      Additional Files:

      All [xxxx].de-de folders and the additional files, including the ConfigDE.xml (except setup.exe) from within the language pack extracted ISO

      Dependant Packages:

      I have specified the Working English language package mentioned in 'Working'



      I have then Scheduled the package and run against a machine, I can see that Office has been installed, however the package is still running after 24hrs, I don't want to open any of the office products until either the package is complete or I have cancelled the current install


      Does anyone have any insight as to what have I done wrong?!