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    Inbound mail service stops processing messages but still marks them as Read - what's happening?

    cisjwynn Apprentice


      This is happening to us frequently.  We have several mailboxes set up to handle emails from a number of sources.  Every so often (seems at least 3-4 times a week) we are having to restart our inbound mail queue and mark messages as unread.  Once we've done that, they process fine, and incidents are created as per our process/mappings etc.   However, it's causing problems for us because we can't continually monitor the mailbox to check everything is processing, and we're finding that support staff in other parts of the organisation are alerting us to the problem, which makes the system look bad in their eyes.   Can anyone help?


      Any suggestions appreciated (except turning off incoming email - unfortunately I have already lost that battle!).





      (NB: currently on LDSD 2016.3 in case that matters)