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    Custom LANDesk Report

    dheard Apprentice

      Hi all,


      I am looking to run a custom query for one of our organisations details the below information.


      Device name

      Type – Workstation and Portable ONLY (I have created a query for this)

      Software Installed

      Last person logged in

      Last Update Scan Date


      Now, I can glean this information in various ways. Some reports and some queries, however I am unable to get it together in a single report.


      I already have a list of installed programs report and I have tried adding the LastScannedDate and LastScanDate as well as the owner/lst logged i user into the report in the designer but it is not pulling the data through into the report.


      I cannot export the report with all the software listed into .xls as it exceeds the max rows for Excel!


      Can anyone assist?


      Many thanks



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Your issue here is that Software Installed is a one-to-many field so you would get one row per item of software per device. Take that out of the equation and you will be fine.


          So the question is really how to do the software bit and this is normally where I would start to ask questions of the person requesting the report. Do they really want every piece of software? What do they plan to do with this? What do 'they' mean by software? By this, do they want to know about every C++ Windows Update registered in Add/Remove Programs?


          If they insist they want everything then perhaps you could get away with the Add/Remove Programs group, but you will still get a huge number of rows.


          If you have Data Analytics then this would be even smaller because you would see only those software items that require licenses.


          If this can't be narrowed down, then consider instead giving them access to the console or webconsole so that they can get access to make use of this query themselves, just make sure they have plenty of RAM because this will eventually kill their console.


          If push comes to shove, in some cases I have built a spreadsheet that connects to the database and allows the user to choose a piece of software and then see which devices have that.


          No perfect answer at this point I'm afraid but if the question can be clarified you have possibilities.


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            dheard Apprentice

            Thank you for your reply.


            We ended up creating the report by extracting data from the default installed software report and an export of direct inventory data into one CSV.