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    Provisioning will not cancel


      Hi all,


      Been playing with provisioning and have got myself into a stupid situation.


      I had a task to provision a PC from PXE. The task didn't work, so I deleted it. Now whenever I boot this PC to PXE, it tries to auto provision it, but fails. How can I stop Landesk going to auto provision and just give me the normal PXE menu?


      Thanks in advance



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Hmm - this may sound a bit strange, but try deleting the PC's record from inventory - this should wipe out all related information (including "Force this guy to boot to provisioning").


          You can then send a full inventory again (add "/F /SYNC" to the default command-line) once the device is booted up. It's the somewhat lazier alternative of reverse-engineering where exactly we're storing the forced-boot options for provisioning (for PXE-OSD, I'd have an idea, but provisioning is a somewhat different tin of beans).


          See how that works for you (seems harmless enough to me since this is a test client I'm assuming) :).


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Thanks for the reply, but sadly there is no record in Landesk for this PC, and I also can't force an inventory as the PC currently has no OS installed.


            The provisioning was specfiied by mac address, so I guess this is all Landesk has too.


            Thanks again



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              If you haven't resolved the problem yet, you can get it to stop happening by deleting the configuration files on your pxe server.

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                Just make sure you're wiping out the files for that mac address only.

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                  Sorry for the long delay in replying, but I have been off long term sick.


                  Thanks to Brett Asay for the answer. I was able to find this PC in the XML file and remove it. Now I can rebuild it properly.