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    PersInfo 2.0 showing failed sync's incorrectly when using a VIP

    Chrisb1 Employee

      Using PersInfo 2.0 with EM 10.0 to try and track some intermittent slow sync's so I can see frequency to work with the network team.  While watching the sync's I'm frequently seeing errors saying that the sync failed.  Dig through coms logs in PersInfo and it indicates the same and shows various odd error messages (12007, 13, etc).  To get more data I enabled EM logging directly so I can compare results and try and get a more specific error message.  For the exact same sync operations that PersInfo is listing a failure EM logs are indicating that it worked just fine.


      If I point the endpoint directly at an personalization server I never see the sync errors in PersInfo, if I point at a VIP I intermittently see them even though EM logs show it all worked in both scenarios.