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    ServiceDesk Workspaces dashboards

    artur.badalyan Employee

      Dear community,


      In Workspaces Self Service menu contains three dashboards: Support Me, Service Catalogue and Support Home. I open Administration menu – Manage Menu and don’t see Support Me, Service Catalogue in Self Service. If click Add+ items I see 17 items among which there is no Support Me and Service Catalogue. In Administration menu - Manage Dashboards I don’t see these dashboards too.

      Where can I find these dashboard for customization?


      I'm use Service Desk 2016.4

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          danielsarnowski SupportEmployee

          Hello Artur,


          Prior to 2016.4 version - part of the content you pointed out was basically mirroring your shortcuts from Self-Service. As was changed in this version, I suppose you are no longer using Self-Service, do you?


          If that's true, in order to get those 2 dashboards removed, you would need to:


          1. Go to Console while being logged as SA or other administrator user.

          2. Click on Manage Shortcuts on the top and then navigate to Self-Service published shortcuts.



          3. You should remove the troubling groups from here.

          4. Now, my Self-Service looks like this:


          5. Which is visible also from the Workspaces:



          Please, give it a try and in case of any problems - do not hesitate to create a new ticket with support.


          Have a good day!


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            artur.badalyan Employee

            Hi Daniel,


            Thanks for the detailed answer! I found a solution around this time. )


            I should using SelfService and WorkSpace at the same time to demonstrate the capabilities of ServiceDesk. To solve this problem, I created a copy of the standard shortcut "Support me" and for example gave it the name "Test".

            The created shortcut is not displayed in WorkSpace. I don't know why, but it works.