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    Windows 10 - Inventory Scans will not process

    ltroutt Rookie

      Just wanted to share what I found today after the latest Microsoft Windows Security Patches.


      I noticed that all of inventory scans for the Windows 10 devices were being placed in the "Error Scan" directory on the core server.


      Doing more research I found the following error in the Application Event Log on the core server:


      "The size of Printer.VERSION is too small. Increase its size by at least 4."


      The latest Windows Security Patches are pushing the version number of the OneNote printer to 49 characters. You'll need to run the following SQL Query to extend the length of the "dbo.Printer Version" column.


      Alter Table dbo.Printer alter column Version nvarchar(xx)  -  Change the "xx" to the desired number that you would like to extend the column to.


      Once this change has been made, you can move the inventory scans from the "Error Scan" directory back over to the "ldscan" directory and they should process through the system just fine.


      Hope this helps others that are experiencing this issue!!